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Terms of Use

The club is owned and operated by Business Clubs Ltd trading as One Alfred Place and will be referred to as One Alfred Place in these rules.

One Alfred Place is constituted to provide a London base for members to pursue their business and entrepreneurial activities in an efficient and stylish environment.

Every member agrees to be bound by the rules, bye-laws and regulations of One Alfred Place upon acceptance as a member. All members must be aged 18 years or older.

Unless joining as part of a specific Corporate Membership, every member agrees that they sign up for this membership as an individual and not as a business. Each member is personally responsible for the payment and administration of their membership.

Annual Membership
The annual or 6 monthly membership fee is payable in advance, and may be increased by the management after noting the recommendations of the Members' Committee. The Member accepts that the Membership term is for consecutive twelve or six month periods ('Membership Term') and that the Membership will continue until such time as the Membership is cancelled (in writing by notice to the Club), received not less than 2 weeks before the commencement of a Membership Term, failing which it will continue for at least such subsequent Membership Term.

Membership Categories
At its discretion, the Management may offer a range of membership categories, including temporary membership, with special Terms & Conditions applied to some or each of those categories.

Application Procedure
Applications for membership will only be considered if proposed by an existing member of One Alfred Place or a member of staff.

All members have the right to propose new members.

Each new application will be considered at the next Members' Committee meeting. The Members' Committee will have absolute discretion as to whether to accept or decline an application for membership.

If there are no objections and the applicant is accepted, the applicant will be informed, and will become a member, subject to due payment being received by Direct Debit. If the membership list is closed at the time, the applicant will remain on the waiting list until further notice.

No reason shall be given for refusal of an application at any stage.

A member may submit an application form for a previously rejected applicant one year after notification of the initial rejection.

All information in relation to any application, whether or not successful, will be treated in the strictest confidence. No reason shall be given for refusal of an application at any stage.

All application forms must be accompanied by a Direct Debit mandate which the Member agrees to sign in favour of the Club and maintain at all times during the term of the Membership. In certain circumstances applicants may pay the first year's membership by cheque, but in all cases a Direct Debit Mandate must be completed before membership becomes finalised.

In subsequent years, membership may be suspended until full payment has been made.

The fees for each Membership Term whether paid annually or bi-annually are due in advance and in full for the whole of the relevant Membership Term unless Membership has been cancelled prior to such a Membership Term (as described above under 'Annual Membership'). For the avoidance of doubt, payment of fees in bi-annual or other installments during a Membership Term do not permit a Member to cancel Membership during such Membership term and all installments for the fee for such Membership Year will be payable.

Members are required to swipe their card with Reception on every visit.
Although we offer excellent business services, we are a club, not a serviced office and do not have the capacity to be used as such.  The space is designed to be used an average of around 120 days per year per member & 60 days per 6 month term

Membership Cards
Membership cards will be issued to all members and must be used to gain entry to One Alfred Place.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the membership secretary, and a replacement will be provided at a charge of £10 per card.

The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any member who fails to produce his card, or who refuses to pay the replacement fee.

Any member wishing to resign his/her membership may do so at any time by writing to the management of One Alfred Place. Any member who resigns his/her membership will not be entitled to a refund of the membership fees paid. Membership transfers are not allowed for complete and international members unless at the managements discretion.

All bills are to be paid in full before leaving the premises unless the member has agreed to open a Monthly Account and pay monthly by Direct Debit.

Items recorded to the member's account must be signed for by the member at the time, or paid in full before the member leaves the club. Any member who has elected to pay at the end of each visit, but who leaves the club without paying will have a temporary account created using the member's Direct Debit mandate. This will be used unless the account is cleared by the member within 7 days.

Account holders will be able to access their monthly account online to check their bill and will be notified, by email alert, of the total amount to be debited for the previous month's bill no less than 5 days before the payment is drawn down.

Any member disputing an item in their statement must make those objections known, by email or in person at the club, no later than 2 days before the payment date.

Please inform Reception in advance with the names of any expected guests.
Guests are required to sign in on arrival and will need to wait in Reception until the member they are visiting collects them.
Please be aware that guests will not be allowed beyond Reception until they have been signed in and the member is present. Members must stay with their guests at all times.
Members will be responsible for their guests' behaviour at all times and the Management reserves the right to exclude a guest or ask them to leave the club at their sole discretion and without explanation.
Only 3 guests at a time may meet in the open areas of the club. If you need to meet more people or meet for an extended period of time please book a meeting room. A group in the open areas must not exceed 4 people and must include a member.

Any one guest may not visit the club more than 12 times in a year or 6 times if a bi-annual membership.

The member must stay with their guest at all times.

Members will be responsible for their guests' behavior under all circumstances and the Management reserves the right to exclude a guest or ask them to leave the club at their sole discretion and without explanation.

Office Services
One Alfred Place provides members with access to certain office and other services such as access to the internet, telephones, printers and staff support. Members acknowledge that some of these services are provided to One Alfred Place by third parties, and, although One Alfred Place will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that these services are available to members, One Alfred Place cannot and does not give any warranty, representation or guarantee as to the availability or level of performance of any such service.

Telephone Etiquette
One Alfred Place allows members to make telephone calls within the club either on their mobile phones or on the club phones provided. However members are asked to:
  • set the phone's ring volume to silent, or the lowest effective ringing volume when in the club.
  • answer phone calls promptly and not leave active phones unattended.
  • respect their fellow members' right to a civilised working environment by talking as quietly as possible.
  • avoid making calls in phone-free areas such as the Quiet Room and in the corridors outside the Meeting Rooms.
Any member persistently ignoring these guidelines may be immediately barred from the club. Members' guests are permitted to make only limited and brief telephone calls within the club.

We have designed the floor so that anyone visiting the club should be able to find a seat and, most of the time, we hope that members will be able to 'own' the space immediately around them. However, we ask members to avoid occupying more than one seating location at any one time eg. going for lunch and keeping a table or sofa. PAs will return your belongings to you in these circumstances or place your items in left luggage.
  • Respect the rule of not more than 3 guests at a time.
  • Avoid moving furniture around without checking with PAs first.
  • Be prepared to share your sofa or table with another member if the club is busy.
The Member agrees that they will not visit the Club more than 120 times in the Membership Year or 60 times in the 6 month membership without written agreement from one of the Club management team.

Internet Connectivity
One Alfred Place broadband and/or the One Alfred Place services may only be used for lawful purposes in accordance with all laws, statutes and regulations in force from time to time in the United Kingdom ('Law'). You may not use One Alfred Place broadband and/or the One Alfred Place to send, receive, store, distribute, transmit, post, upload or download any materials or data which:
  • violates any Law;
  • is defamatory, offensive, abusive, indecent, obscene, or constitutes harassment;
  • is or may be harmful to minors; promotes or encourages illegal or socially unacceptable or irresponsible behaviour;
  • is in breach of any third party rights (including any third party intellectual property rights);
  • has any fraudulent purpose or effect or involves you impersonating another person or otherwise misrepresenting yourself as the source of any communication;
  • damages or may damage our name and/or reputation or the name and/or reputation of our sub-contractors or agents.
We have put technical measures in place to prevent you from accessing certain websites that contain illegal images of child abuse that are identified from time to time by the Internet Watch Foundation ('IWF'). Although these filters are comprehensive, they do not provide an absolute guarantee that you will be unable to view such illegal images on the internet. In addition, these measures do not filter other content which you may find distasteful, such as 'adult' material. On this basis, we recommend that you consider installing additional software on your computer to prevent access to inappropriate websites or content on the internet. For further information regarding the IWF, please visit their website at www.iwf.org.uk.

Finally, members must not to divulge the wireless password to guests under any circumstances as this compromises the security of the network.

Club Property
Any member who willfully removes, damages, or destroys any article or property belonging to the club, or to its members, or to guests on the premises will be liable to expulsion.

Any destruction, damage or theft shall be paid by the member, and will be charged to the member's bank account by Direct Debit, subject to a 30 day period during which a member may present an explanation or dispute the claim.

Lobby Terms
One Alfred Place will operate its own version of 'lobby terms'. 'Lobby terms' is an expression describing the code of honour between Members of Parliament and journalists accredited to the lobby of the House of Commons. It is a 'gentleman's agreement' that, unless agreed otherwise, matters raised in conversation between members and guests, or overheard by another member, are not to be used for commercial or journalistic purposes.

Any member breaching lobby terms may be liable to expulsion with immediate effect.

Disciplinary Procedure
Should a member infringe the rules of One Alfred Place, or make him or herself obnoxious to another member, or be considered guilty of misconduct, or be likely to or have brought the club into disrepute, he or she may be expelled with immediate effect.

Such conduct may include, but is not limited to, disruptive behaviour, including loud and intrusive meetings or use of phones; violent or abusive behaviour; and the communication of information concerning the club, members or their guests' affairs in One Alfred Place to the media.

The duty managers may evict or exclude any member or guest whose behaviour they consider to amount to misconduct.

One Alfred Place reserves the right to exclude any member or guest without stating a reason.

Any member that is permanently barred from One Alfred Place as a result of a breach of these rules will not be entitled to a refund of his/her annual membership fees.

Members' complaints shall be put in writing to the club Manager or the Membership Secretary and will be fully considered, if necessary, by the management and/or Members Committee.

The club welcomes all suggestions which can be made via a Feedback Form available from reception, or in the place provided in the Members Area of the club website.

Nothing in these rules shall be construed as attempting to limit One Alfred Place's liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence.

One Alfred Place shall not be liable for any damage to or loss or theft of any member's personal property while on the premises.

All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded. In addition, One Alfred Place cannot accept and hereby excludes any liability for any indirect or consequential losses or for any of the following types of loss (in each case whether direct or indirect) suffered or incurred by a member arising out of any failure by One Alfred Place to comply with these rules or in relation to the operation of the club, including without limitation any unavailability or poor performance of any of the office services:
  • loss of profit;
  • loss of revenue;
  • loss of anticipated savings;
  • loss of business, opportunity or contract;
  • loss of goodwill; and
  • loss of or corruption to data.
If, notwithstanding the foregoing, One Alfred Place is liable to any member whether in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise for any reason arising out of the operation of One Alfred Place, One Alfred Place's liability shall be limited in any calendar year to an amount equal to the annual membership fees paid by such member in such year.

Interpretation of the Rules
In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the Members' Committee, whose decision shall be final.

Governing Law
These rules shall be governed by the law of England and Wales and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute between a member and One Alfred Place arising out of or in relation to these.

Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice.
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  • 29 January 2015

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