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  • 11 July 2011

  • Mick Hocking Answers Questions for b.TWEEN 3D

  • We're all torn when it comes to 3D, is it worthy or is it just another gimmick that'll fade away like so many Betamax videos?

    Well according to our man here Mick Hocking when it combines with augmented reality games are going to hit some next level shiz. 


    I think 3-D and augmented reality in gaming are really important as games are often one of the first touch-points for the consumer, and because we're delivering entertainment it gives people the chance to enjoy and be amazed by these new technologies. 

    If we get it right and the consumer enjoys the experience it opens up the possibilities for other areas, like 3-D Phones, Laptops, Bloggies, tablets etc. We're even seeing the first signs of these technologies in educational institutions.

    There are currently around 50-million PlayStation 3's out there and as long as users have the latest firmware updates, they have got perhaps the most powerful 3-D playback platform available. PlayStation 3 can deliver 3D games, 3D Blu-rays, 3D photos and 3D MP4's, and all these updates are free.

    One of the misconceptions about 3-D in gaming is that you're just adding depth to a scene, but we've found there is a lot of creative stuff we can do to further enhance the experience and give people a greater sense of immersion. For example, we've just announced our new PlayStation monitor, which is a 24" 3-D monitor, but because we're using shutter glasses we are able to offer a mode where two players can go head-to-head on the same monitor in full-screen.

    When you play like this the software mode switches so that each player can only see their own viewpoint, which is perfect for head-to-head shooters & racing games.

    Gaming is already using a lot of augmented reality but I think we've only just started to scratch the surface of what's possible. On the PSP we have a lot of AR products, like Invizimals, where a marker that sits on a surface allows the PSP to augment creatures on top of it to be used for battling games etc. There are fantastic possibilities in this field with our new PlayStation Vita device, which is a very powerful portable console with high quality cameras on board, so we can do some really incredible things with AR - although I can't talk about much with you just yet, but watch this space.

    We have many really exciting R&D projects running with 3D related technologies. One is 3-D sculpting, this combines 3-D visualisation on the TV screen with head tracking sensors, we can produce a very convincing pseudo-holographic effect by altering the 3D rendering relative to the viewer's position.

    When this is combined with object sitting in front of the screen, using negative parallax, the effect is particularly impressive. If you imagine this combined with very accurate hand position & control using our Move controllers, you can see how we can use these new technologies together to create an experience which feels like you're carving out an object in 3-D space, seeing all aspects of it just as you would in the real world.

    I think we'll see applications like this using our new technologies in the not too distant future.

    Original article fromthedailymash.co.uk

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